Monday, October 13, 2014

Hunsader Farm's Pumpkin Festival

If you haven't been down to Hunsader Farms during their Pumpkin Festival, you should most definitely give it a try! Like soon because it only goes on for 3 weekends during October.

We've been the last 3 years now and it has never disappointed. The weather, on the other hand, could have given us a break in temp, but its if you're not expecting 90 degree weather in October, then you obviously don't know Florida too well.

There's so much to do, almost too much! I don't think you would possibly be able to get everything in without coming back for a 2nd day. If Disney World had a country/farm themed park, this would give it a run for it's money!

Activities include petting farm, pony rides, camel rides (yes..camel rides), bounce houses, fair games, pumpkin launching, a circus, craft market, food vendors, produce stands, classic car show, 2 pumpkin patches, corn maze, kiddie hay maze, butterfly tent, a frog show, live bands and other stage entertainment. Even with all that, I'm sure I'm not mentioning half the activities going on. It's huge!

Corn Mazes kind of freak me out. It's so easy to get lost in there! But with our family of 9 mazing through it together, it wasn't so scary. Just hot. 

Tractor Train Rides!
I think, out of everything we did, this little train ride put the biggest smile on Sophia's face. 

The Frog show. Honestly, this should just be stopped. We watched the first couple minutes of this show because it just so happened to be starting when we walked by. Its a cute idea. The frogs get put in the middle of that circle and "race" to the edge. BUT when you get little boys to "volunteer" in this, the frog's lives are on the line. I swear my heart stopped a few times and I envisioned a frog being stomped on, pulled apart by two boys, and killed in front of a bunch of little kids. Not so fun... 

This was the "kiddie" corn hay maze. It was funny to help Sophia get through it. She probably didn't think our instruction was too funny though.  "Go left, no the other way, Sophia turn around, OK no sorry, turn around again." We were all confused by the end. 

Unfortunately, I can't really write anything about food. We went to the festival right after breakfast, and left right around lunch time, so no one was really hungry while we were there. I should take that hungry comment back because we all ate our weight in Kettle Corn. It would be a crime not to get the deliciously freshly made kettle corn at the festival! I really wished I would of bought some boiled peanuts and a candy apple though. Fall festival staples! Next time...

All in all, great family fun! A must go to in October!


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