Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Birthdays & Old Friends

First off, I need to go ahead and shout it out to the world that my niece, Kennedy, is ONE YEARS OLD!!  It’s truly crazy how time flies, but then again life without them seems SO FAR in the past. Kennedy is such a blessing to our entire family!  Sophia & Nelpe (along with us all) love her dearly, and it’s going to be so much fun watching the cousins all growing up together! 

Side note: People often ask me, “what if they don’t get along?” What kind of question is that? They are cousins…which means they’ll be in each other’s lives no matter what, so might as well love each other! 

(The besties!)

So, how is your week going?! We’re in the middle of it, so hopefully it’s either been great from the beginning or starting to get great!

So far, Mine has been filled with catching up with an old friend.
My friend Stacy (grew up with her, known her since middle school) moved to Seattle at the beginning of this year. She finally came back home for a visit this week and we went to dinner Monday night (Sushi!!) and yesterday she came over for some girl time. We just hung out for hours and chatted like old times, except now there’s a crazy baby running around and a toddler full of questions and requests every 5 minutes (Sorry Stac...). I've certainly missed her and our talks about life, so it was really nice to catch up on everything. 

Along with that, my week has been filled with school stuff…

I’m a member of the Parent Board at Sophia’s school (so official right?) and we had our monthly meeting yesterday morning. Since we all love to chat, it almost always goes over the allotted 1.5 hours.  Penelope goes to the school childcare, while I get to make important decisions have fun, eat breakfast, and talk business with other ladies. 

With everything that's been going on, I haven't really been in the kitchen. I have that itch to cook and bake (it's like therapy) so today I'll be making a glorious dinner with some of my Farmer's Market finds! Stay tuned for some yum-ness.


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