Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stuck like Chuck in the Mud

You guyyys! This weather is absolutely beautiful! I wish it was like this all.the.time. It’s perfect. Not too hot, not cold, and you can still get a nice suntan because the sun is shining!  I was standing outside for about 45 minutes this morning and got some nice color on my face. (SCORE!) No clouds. Wow, just perfect. Ok...enough about the weather, we might scare it away.

This morning was one.of.those.mornings. All I could do was laugh and enjoy the scenery while the hubs, Nelpe, and I were stuck, in mud, in the middle of nowhere, in my car. Yes that happened.

We were out at a piece of property. The hubs wanted to get a closer/deeper look at it so we started walking. The grass was almost knee high and wet. 50 feet in my pants were soaked. I suggested just driving the car onto the property. He agreed. He did. 

So we hopped in the car and started driving onto the property. Well then we came to a drop off where the land goes downhill. Not a big hill (its Florida…) so not thinking anything of it, we drove our happy selfs down that hill. Seconds later, we still heard the engine revving, but the trees weren't moving past us anymore. Stuck like Chuck. Tires spinning but going nowhere. 

Plan A  - trying to somehow drive out of the mud hole with the “snow” option turned on in the car---what the heck is that supposed to do anyways? I didn't see any chains miraculously start growing around my tires. FAIL

Plan B – call Dad! 30 minutes later he shows up with his truck, some rope, and some pieces of wood. They stuck the wood under the tires in hopes to create something for them to hold on to for dear life and climb out of the mud hole. FAIL

Plan C – Use my dad’s truck to give my car a little tug out of the mud hole. My dad gets in his truck to move it a little close to hook on the strap to pull with. Tires start spinning. His truck got stuck too!!! FAIL

Plan D – Call a friend with the biggest truck we know. Our friend Mitch shows up and starts laughing, asking us why the heck we're all the way down the hill in the first place. Then, like nothing, his big ol' truck pulls my dad’s truck out of the mud to the promise lands of dry grass. Then after 4 incidents of the rope snapping apart, my car finally made it to dryer/safer ground.

And on we went with the rest of our day! :) Thanks Mitch!!

I got it all on video! Funny stuff

Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday! 


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