Thursday, October 23, 2014

10 Halloween Must Haves

This year Halloween has consumed the whole month of October. It's slowly become one of those holidays that is celebrated all month long. We went to Halloween events last weekend for goodness sake! Am I supposed to buy 4 different costumes for each kid or just let them wear the same one every weekend?? Good thing we have plenty of princess dresses and other dress up clothes to use as costumes. I'm not one to buy more than one costume a year. It just seems over excessive and unnecessary, ALTHOUGH the costumes do get used all year round in our house. Heck, Sophia was just dressed up in her pirate costume we bought TWO years ago for Gasparilla. Money well spent.

Halloween is more than just about costumes though. You can't just stick on a costume and call it a day. You have to create the mood and get into the spirit a little bit! Or're choice! ;)

10 Halloween Must Haves

1. Kid Costumes - for those who have kids. Goodness these are cute!

2. Adult Costumes - feeling festive?!

3. Non Costumes - for the lazy or those seeking comfort over award winning

4. Pumpkins - There are so many different ways to decorate a pumpkin! (Look for a post early next week!)

5. Music - Thriller never gets old. You should probably go ahead and learn the dance too

6. Beer - Pumpkin Beer to be exact. Gotta get it while it's here!

7. Food - Get off Pinterest and just order some pizza (never fails), or just totally ignore me and spend hours making these.

8. Shoes - If you're going trick or treating, you'll need a good pair of shoes and who doesn't want a pair of orange Nikes? Freshly Picked moccasins are always a must for the kids.

9. Movies - You don't have to be scared out of your mind for it to be a good Halloween movie! (I hate scary movies) Hocus Pocus & The Addams Family are great for the whole family!

10. Ice Hand - last but certainly not least! If you're having people over you absolutely must put an ice hand in your punch. Consider your party/gathering a total fail if you don't. ;)


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